Does Witch Hazel Shrink Pores? Best Witch Hazel Toner

does witch hazel shrink pores

Have you ever thought does witch hazel shrink pores and give perfect tone? Witch hazel; sounds like something magical, right? Witch hazel is a deciduous shrub that has been used for health and beauty since ages. It is indeed a magical elixir because it helps you with so many issues related to skin care and health care. There are many speculations surrounding the benefits of witch hazel including questions like, “Does witch hazel shrink pores?” and “Can which hazel be used to treat skin infections?” This article will help you get a better idea of witch hazel and its benefits.

Witch hazel is a shrub that majorly grows in the US. However, they are also found in parts of Europe where people are enthusiastic about keeping them as ornamental plants. The name of the plant does not have any connection with “witch” or magic, and in fact, it was originated from the word “wik” which was used by Germanic people to refer to plants that are bendable. The branches and barks of the shrub were used by tribal people to heal wounds and promote better health. The Puritans, English reformed protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries used witch hazel by boiling the stem to soothe inflammations and deal with swollen body parts.

How does witch hazel shrink pores?

does witch hazel shrink pores

Even though there are many traditional methods of using the witch hazel shrub, the decoction method was discovered by Dr. Charles Hawes. He used the distillation method to create a brew that was much more effective than any other way of using witch hazel for pores; he named it the Hawes brew. Chemist Alvan Whittemore sold the first bottled witch hazel brew in 1846. Thomas Dickinson, a Baptist minister, refined this brew further and what he got, as a result, was called witch hazel extract.

With all that said and done, let’s dive into one of the most interesting benefits of witch hazel extract that women are keen to know about-does witch hazel shrink pores? Witch hazel can be used as a toner to shrink pores, and it has many other benefits to offer your skin. Here are a few beauty benefits on does witch hazel shrink pores or witch hazel broken capillaries are cured, which I’m sure you will want to know about:

Beauty benefits of witch hazel

To shrink pores

Does witch hazel shrink pores? Witch hazel for pores extract can be used as an astringent to shrink pores on your face. As we age, the pores on the skin become larger and more visible which gives the skin a saggy and dull look. An astringent is something that helps in the contraction of skin cells and other body tissues. Astringents are used to tone the skin by reducing the pores and removing oil, dirt, and germs from the skin.

Astringents are great when used as makeup removers and toners, but you may wonder if you can use it every day. While astringents are great for oily and normal skin types, it may not be ideal for those who have dry skin. Well, this issue doesn’t arise if you’re using witch hazel extract (for witch hazel for pores) as the astringent because it not only works well but also locks down the moisture of the skin, preventing it from getting dry. This makes it an excellent astringent for all skin types.

Once you wash your face with your regular face wash or cleanser, soak a cotton pad in some witch hazel toner and wipe your whole face with it. Now pat your skin well so that the toner settles well on it. Once it dries, apply a good moisturizer, and you’re done!

To treat acne

Acne is often a result of oil, germs, and dirt that gets sedimented in the pores of your skin. Witch hazel being an excellent astringent helps in removing all the acne causing factors out of your skin. It also contains flavonoids, procyanidins, and resin that helps in calming down the inflammation and swelling on your face caused by acne. The anti-inflammatory property of witch hazel makes it an effective remedy for redness that is caused due to pimples and acne.

Pimples and acne shrink when you apply witch hazel on them and it prevents, them from spreading to other areas of the face. Keep the witch hazel bottle in the fridge and apply it to your acne using a cotton pad. That’s all you got to do to get immediate relief from inflammation and redness caused by acne. However, you need to try other remedies or seek help from a dermatologist if the acne is more.

Anti-aging properties

The high content of tannins in witch hazel makes it an excellent antioxidant. Apply witch hazel extract on your skin regularly will help you fight early signs of aging and it keeps your skin smooth and plump. Due to its antioxidant properties, witch hazel helps in neutralizing free radicals in your body that can harm your cells and speed up the aging process.

Puffy eyes

Puffy eyes can make you look a lot older, and it can give your wrinkles a horrible dimension. If you want to get rid of puffy eyes due to lack of sleep, or allergy, you can use witch hazel under your eyes. It helps in erasing the bags under your eyes with simple and direct application once in a while. If you had thought does which hazel shrink pores? Now, you know it can do much more than that.

It is the anti-inflammatory property of witch hazel that helps in getting rid of the soreness and the puffiness that occurs around your eyes. Also, it tightens the skin which is something that is essential in repairing the loose skin under the eyes. You need to apply witch hazel extract in the area twice a week to make sure that the under-eye region stays tight and glowing just like the rest of your face. Be careful not to get the extract in your eyes since it can result in adverse reactions.

Keeping away bad body odor

Body odor and sweating can lead you to a stinky and disgusting animal by the end of the day, and it can embarrass you badly. Most of the deodorants that we get to buy in the market today contain aluminum and other harmful chemicals that not only reduce the effectiveness of the product but also damage your skin. Witch hazel is a natural alternative to the deodorants that you buy spending a lot of money every month.

Witch hazel is not just a good deodorant, but it is also a natural antiperspirant. It seals moisture to your skin but removes bacteria that causes foul order while you sweat. It is a safe and effective way to deal with a sweaty day or a quick meet up after a gym session. Use a cotton pad to wipe witch hazel under your arms and wait until it dries before wearing any piece of cloth that may soak the extract. If you have thick underarm hair, it would be better to use a spray bottle.

Witch hazel as a home remedy for skin conditions

Does witch hazel shrink pores? Yes, it does, but there is so much more to this elixir. Its anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties make it a common and useful home remedy in many situations.

Minor cuts, bruises, and burns

Witch hazel cannot be used to stop the blood flow from a gushing wound, but it can be used for minor cuts and bruises. It tightens the skin which promotes faster healing of the cut; this is because witch hazel is a natural astringent.


Getting tanned does wonders for your skin because the beautifully bronzed body of yours will highlight the shape of your body whenever you want to look great. While most of us love to get tanned, there’s an added risk of getting sunburned which is why a good sunscreen is vital. Sometimes, in spite of using sunscreen, you may get sunburned which is painful because let’s face it, good sunscreens are expensive! If you get sunburned, you always use witch hazel as a home remedy to get relief from the pain.

Witch hazel’s anti-inflammatory properties will help in healing and soothing your damaged skin if the sun hasn’t been kind to you. Treating sunburned areas with the extract will prevent the formation of flakes and peels. Mix some aloe vera gel to witch hazel extract and apply it in the affected areas for relief. Aloe vera gel is another soothing agent that will help in calming down the redness of the skin and the inflammation.

You can use fresh aloe vera leaves from your garden and take out the gel for making a witch hazel-aloe vera soothing gel. Make sure that you use alcohol-free witch hazel because alcohol content can irritate the skin further. This doesn’t mean that alcohol content in witch hazel is bad because such type of witch hazel can be very useful in treating cuts and wounds due to the antiseptic properties of alcohol.

You can also add a few drops of essential oils and peppermint oil to the homemade soothing gel. While essential oils add moisture to your burned skin, peppermint oil gives you a very satisfying and cold sensation that will provide you with instant relief from the pain and the inflammation.


Psoriasis is a nasty skin condition that will cause reddish and flaky lesions in different parts of the body. In many places like Germany, witch hazel is used to get relief from the inflammation and itching caused by psoriasis. It is mostly used along with glycerin, another great soothing agent. Glycerin is also a humectant which means that it adds moisture to the skin. During psoriasis, the skin becomes very dry causing flaky lesions to develop everywhere; witch hazel and glycerin smoothen the skin and prevents the formation of these flaky lesions.

If you want to use witch hazel to get relief from psoriasis, all you got to do is to mix some alcohol-free witch hazel with a few drops of glycerin and some aloe vera gel. The aloe vera gel is an extra ingredient in the homemade lotion that will help in soothing the skin even better.


Eczema is a medical condition during which patches of skin in different parts of the body becomes flaky and itchy to the extent that it results in blisters and bleeding. This skin condition can take a toll on you, and it can be very irritating. The more you scratch, the worse the itching gets. Then you will not be able to keep your hands away because the itching sensation is very strong sometimes. The skin becomes to dry and are prone to blisters which may result in cracks. This has to be prevented since the already weak skin will be inviting infections if there are cracks in it too.

Does Witch hazel shrink pores? Yes, Witch hazel can do wonders on your skin if you’re suffering from eczema. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in getting rid of the dryness and itchiness that you experience by soothing the skin and healing the wounds. You can either use pure witch hazel as a toner on your skin before applying a good moisturizer, or you can combine it with some neem oil and apply it on the affected areas. Either way, make sure that you moisturize your skin well so that there are no future flare-ups on the skin.

Does witch hazel shrink pores and Cold sores

Cold sores are itchy and painful blisters that occur near your lips or somewhere around your mouth. It’s caused due to the infestation of the herpes simplex virus. It is often caused after you catch a cold or a fever because the immune system becomes weak in such situations and the simplex virus can attack you during this period. Even though they do not require any treatment to heal, the scabs that form are real attention-grabbers, and it’s impossible to keep our hands away from them.

Since cold sores are very itchy, we may touch them or scratch the area causing the scabs to fall off. This may result in bleeding or further infections that will make it impossible for the cold sore to heal. Witch hazel helps in getting relief from the itchiness of cold sores thereby reducing the chances of the scabs being scratched off. I hope you have got the precise answer for does Witch hazel shrink pores. Do send across your thoughts on the same in the comments section.