How to Use Witch Hazel for Varicose Veins and Other Skin Issues?

How to Use Witch Hazel for Varicose Veins

No, witch hazel is not the name of a fictional character from a fantasy novel; rather it’s a very famous plant that grows in North America and parts of Asia. It’s a great ingredient that’s used in toners, witch hazel for pores, and other skin care products to eliminate any acne-causing bacteria and other skin issues. In this article, we will go through how to use witch hazel for varicose veins, does Witch hazel shrink pores and the various benefits that witch hazel has to offer.

What is witch hazel?

Witch hazel is a deciduous shrub and it grows up to 26 feet. Most shrubs are within mid-range and found in five species that are really distinct. Three species are found in North America; the commonly used names of witch hazel include spotted alder, striped alder, and winter bloom.

How to Use Witch Hazel for Varicose Veins

The shrub grows naturally in the United States mid-west region and towards the South of Canada; though it has been known for its origins in European gardens for ornamental use.

Many people don’t really know how to use witch hazel on their face; this article will take you through the various advantages of this medicinal herb. The plant has a long history of being used in medicine and also in products for skin care. It’s a natural resource that not well known yet, but it has many benefits when used properly.

Witch hazel advantages:

There are many reasons you can use witch hazel for skin care. In the past, its branches and bark were used by native American tribes to heal and promote well-being, they were taught the method of boiling the stems which it was used for soothing any kind of swelling or inflammation.

The tannins and volatile oils are major ingredients in witch hazel. They work as vasoconstrictors; this means that they constrict tiny spider veins under the skin. German pharmacological studies show that witch hazel strengthens veins; it also acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient. Tannins are also responsible for the plant’s astringent properties that cause the skin to tighten the distended veins and also repair it back to their normal form.

Witch hazel is really popular because of its antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory elements which help in the treatment of varicose veins. These constituents help shrink the tissue and also act as sedatives to relieve any kind of pain or discomfort that comes along with having spider veins.

History of witch hazel:

The native Americans first realized the wonders of witch hazel in the 15th century; they introduced the plant as medicine to European settlers. They claimed that it had components that cured swelling and irritation. As an astringent, witch hazel became quite popular and word spread to Europe and other parts of the world.

Distilled Witch hazel became famous around the 19th century for the treatment of various skin conditions and hemorrhoids. Later in the 19th century, it was noticed that witch hazel became an excellent medicine for treating swollen veins; this is because it relaxes the venous and capillary walls.

If you’re looking for a natural and chemical-free way to clean your face, then witch hazel you will be a great inclusion in your skincare routine. It’s an amazing option to use witch hazel to clean your face because of its anti-bacterial and astringent properties.

Witch hazel can soothe the inflamed parts of your skin and also reduce breakout and blemishes. There are many methods on how you can incorporate witch hazel into your daily routine.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are dilated and minute blood vessels that can appear on the face or the legs; they have a spider-like appearance. These diluted veins can cause a burning sensation and pain in the area that is affected.

By using natural medication like witch hazel, you can treat the condition at home without having medical intervention.

According to research and studies, remedies like using witch hazel oil or cream can be an effective way of treating spider veins in patients. It acts as an anti-inflammatory component and an astringent; the extract can be used as an alternative to decrease spider veins that occur in the face and legs. The oils and tannins that are present naturally in witch hazel are quite volatile and help with spider veins. These ingredients are tasked with shrinking small spider veins under the epidermal layer of the skin.

It has been found that the oil that is extracted from witch hazel is used to treat spider veins and it has therapeutic effects as well as homeostatic effects. This means that when you apply witch hazel oil on your skin you will retain the blood in the damaged veins; this will help in quick recovery and speed up the healing process. Over time it removes the appearance of spider veins from your legs and hands efficiently.


Benefits of using witch hazel for spider veins:

In 1887 Dr. John V. Shoemaker discovered the first application of witch hazel for the treatment of spider veins; he also deduced that it would be a great alternative remedy for swollen veins because of its anti-inflammatory and astringent effects. Native Americans have known how to use witch hazel for varicose veins and have been using witch hazel for its medicinal properties since the 16th century, because of its therapeutic and healing properties, the herb is widely used for skin issues and hemorrhoids. Recent studies have shown that witch hazel effectively fades spider veins from within the legs and face.

Witch hazel is a natural, powerful astringent and an anti-inflammatory extract. Spider veins can be unsightly, painful and embarrassing; witch hazel is prescribed by doctors to treat skin disorders like varicose veins.

Primary ingredients of witch hazel for Spider veins:

When you think, “how to use witch hazel for varicose veins?” you will need to know the various ingredients that are included in this wonder herb. Some of the main ingredients include:

Tannins- witch hazel is abundant in tannins, this is why the plant has such strong astringent properties and is really beneficial for any kind of skin disorders. Tannins act as anti-inflammatory compounds; they shrink the spider veins that exist right under the dermal layer of the skin. In doing so, tannins also strengthen blood vessels and restore veins to its natural structure. Hence, they are the answer to, “how to use witch hazel for varicose veins?

Volatile oil- is the second primary ingredient that is found in witch hazel. When you think about how to use witch hazel for varicose veins, volatile oil also plays an important role in healing spider veins. Again, this ingredient works towards decreasing swelling, redness and any pain that comes with spider veins. Volatile oils also help in binding the tissues together and reduces bleeding; for spider veins, the oil shrinks their appearance and relives the patient from any kind of pain or discomfort.

Other Benefits of witch hazel:

Aside from having knowledge on how to use witch hazel for varicose veins, witch hazel can be also used for other skin issues and it works magnificently. Apart from spider veins, witch hazel can be used to treat acne, rashes and other skin issues. Witch hazel is mostly used as a topical medication since the ingredients in the herb are pretty strong its recommended that the plant should be used only for a short period of time, at least until the symptoms begin to subside.

Points to keep in mind:

How to use witch hazel for varicose veins? Well, listed below are some points that you will need to keep in mind when using witch hazel extract to treat spider veins or any other skin issues:

First off you need to remember that there are some side effects to using witch hazel for a long period of time. Witch hazel is mostly used for topical treatments because their effects are felt better that way. Try to avoid any oral medication that has witch hazel extract; it may cause nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, in extreme cases, it can cause liver damage and constipation. When you consume witch hazel in oral form, the astringent properties will interfere with your digestive system’s normal functions and delay with medicine absorption along with other alkaloids.

Since tannin is the principle ingredient in witch hazel extract, it’s advised that you avoid using it for spider veins for a long period of time. Once the symptoms start to fade you must stop using the medicine; don’t keep using it as a precautionary measure even if you don’t have spider vein symptoms anymore.

If at all the symptoms of spider veins don’t disappear even after using witch hazel extract after the prescribed time period, you must seek professional medical help.

Witch hazel extract comes in the form of creams as well, University of Maryland Medical center suggests that you apply a cold compress that includes a mixture of yarrow tea and witch hazel extract to your affected area; this will give you some relief from the pain and burning sensation that comes along with spider veins. Repeat this ritual twice daily and you will see results in a short span of time.

How can you prevent Varicose veins?

They say prevention is better than cure, and that couldn’t be truer. Yes, this article does focus on curing spider veins with witch hazel; but preventing spider veins should also be your priority, after all, who would want to go through all that pain again.

Along with pointers on how to use witch hazel for varicose veins, here are some preventive measures too:

  • Keep massaging your legs regularly, by doing so you’re improving the circulation within your legs.
  • Don’t lead a stagnant lifestyle. Incorporate as much activity into your daily routine as you can. Jogging, yoga, swimming or any strength training is an excellent Segway to an active lifestyle.
  • Keep your weight at a healthy constant, make any relevant diet and lifestyle changes if necessary.
  • Try not to sit or stand for too long, by taking regular breaks you’re providing your legs with some relief.
  • Avoid wearing heels or any footwear that will cause unnecessary strain on your feet.
  • Lower your salt intake to avoid water retention.
  • Eat fruits, vegetables, and high fiber foods.
  • You should maintain healthy bowel movement by keeping yourself hydrated. Constipated digestion puts more pressure on the veins.
  • If you have already suffered from spider veins, then avoid any strenuous exercises that can put added pressure on your legs.

How to use witch hazel for varicose veins:

Witch hazel has really active astringent ingredients, like tannins, they constrict and strengthen dilated blood vessels. By doing so, the veins are not swollen anymore; Witch hazel also has gallic acid along with other essential oils that help reduce the pain and soothe the area that is associated with the condition.

You can begin by soaking a towel with witch hazel and place it on the affected area.

Let it sit on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes, once you feel that the solution has been absorbed in the skin you can rinse it with lukewarm water.

Another home-made remedy is that you can fill a tub with warm water, add 10 to 20 drops of witch hazel and soak your legs for 15 minutes. Once the time is done, rinse your legs and pat them dry.

Use this remedy twice or thrice a day, daily to treat spider veins effectively.


When you think about how to use witch hazel for varicose veins, you may be skeptical about the results. But worry not, the wonder herb and all its amazing medicinal properties have proved, over the years, that it can be used to treat any skin persistent skin issues. The reason witch hazel is so popular is that of its astringent properties; this is why it’s the most popular option to treat spider veins; witch hazel is great at curing spider veins the natural way without any medical intervention.

Witch hazel products, or witch hazel extract, can be purchased from any drug, food, or online store. You can even incorporate the extract with other natural ingredients to create a home-made remedy and apply it on your skin until the affected condition begins to improve.