Top Methods on How to Use Witch Hazel on Face and Body

how to use witch hazel on face

No, witch hazel is not something that is conjured up from a fantasy novel, rather it’s a very famous plant that grows in North America and some parts of Asia. It’s a great ingredient that is used in toners and other skin care products to eliminate any acne-causing bacteria. In this article, we will go through the various how to use witch hazel on face and witch hazel uses like the witch hazel spider veins nose cure.

Witch hazel plant have a long history of usage in medicinal products for skin care. It’s a natural resource that not many people know a lot about. This shrub has a lot of advantages to provide and is becoming really popular these days. The relation between witch hazel and spider veins is also an everlasting one.

What is witch hazel?

how to use witch hazel on face

Witch hazel is a type of deciduous shrub and it grows up to 26 feet. Most shrubs are in the mid-range and are found in five species that are really distinct. Three species are found in North America. The commonly used name f witch hazel includes, spotted alder, striped alder, and winter bloom.

The shrub grows naturally in the United States mid-west and south of Canada, though it has known to find origins in European gardens for ornamental use.

The history of witch hazel:

Witch hazel gets its name from the Teutonic word “wik” which Germans use to refer to plants that were flexible and bendable. Many tribes used branches and barks of witch hazel on face to heal and promote witch hazel acne. they were taught the method of boiling the stems and used for soothing any kind of swelling or inflammation.

Now let’s look into some witch hazel uses and the reasons why it’s so popular:

1. Toning effect on the face by tightening the pores:

The plant has a really high content of tannins that are present in the stem and leaves of the plant. Witch hazel is popular because of its astringent properties. Astringents are used mostly to tone the skin by making the pores really tight and indirectly removing any kind of excess oil, dirt, and bacteria.

The primary skin care use of witch hazel is to be used as a natural astringent. So, if you have oily or combination skin you will love this product as it will work wonders. You may also wonder whether it will dry your skin. Now, if you use chemical astringents, they will cause dry skin to get drier and irritable, but witch hazel toner can be used for dry skin because it locks in the moisture so that you don’t lose any water through your skin.

So, witch hazel toner is great for normal and oily skins, you can use this toner in the summer as it tones the skin and the sebum secretion will be less too. Sebum is what makes your skin oily and extra greasy during the summers.

How to use witch hazel on face?

  • Wash your face with your usual cleanser
  • Dry your skin with a clean face towel
  • Soak a cotton pad with some witch hazel toner, opt for one that has no alcohol, if your skin gets irritated with a cotton pad you can just spray some toner on your skin to avoid any kind of irritation.
  • Gently pat the skin on your face.
  • Once the toner is completely absorbed you can proceed to apply moisturizer and you are set with your skincare routine.

2. An effective remedy to avoid acne:

If your skin is prone to breakouts and a home for acne-causing bacteria, dirt, and oil, then witch hazel acne skin care products are your savior. Witch hazel acne is great for fighting acne-causing bacteria because not only is it mild and safe but it will also remove any excess sebum and tighten the pores. It also contains flavonoids and procyanidins and resin, these components have anti-inflammatory and calming properties. This is why it’s a good idea to incorporate a witch hazel acne into your daily skin care routine to avoid any kind of acne breakout.

Pimples and acne that are already on your skin will eventually shrink and dry out once the witch hazel toner is applied. But don’t completely just depend on the witch hazel for acne to solve your acne problems. Along with a good skin care routine that includes uses of witch hazel and also a good diet you can take control of your acne breakouts.

How to use witch hazel on face?

If you want to use witch hazel for skin or on zits and acne, then it’s suggested that you place the bottle in your fridge. When you want to make use of it simply pour some of the product on a cotton pad and the coolness of the solution along with the anti-swelling properties will reduce the size of the zit and also the redness.

3. Treatment of minor cuts and bleeding:

While witch hazel for acne won’t stop or treat a gushing wound, it’s good for minor cuts, scrapes or tears. When applied, the witch hazel toner astringent will tighten the skin to promote faster healing of the wound. Organic witch hazel acne is great at stopping bleeding, but store-bought witch hazel usually has alcohol and can act as a disinfectant when you have to clean or bandage the wound. It’s one exceptional area to use products made of alcohol instead of witch hazel toner recipe.

You will simply have to soak a cotton pad with the astringent and place it on the cut area until the bleeding stops, this usually takes a few minutes.

4. Anti-Aging product:

Witch hazel acne or toners are great products to use on the face to fight premature aging, new clinical research has found that the plant has really high antioxidant properties because of the high quantity of tannins that it possesses. These elements neutralize free radical effectively and help reduce the aging process, think of them as skin guardians. This is why so many cosmetic companies have begun to add uses of witch hazel (witch hazel extract) in their anti-aging creams. If you don’t like the smell of witch hazel, then you can use rose scented witch hazel toner.

How to use witch hazel on face?

  • You can begin by removing all traces of makeup from your face.
  • Pour some witch hazel toner on a cotton pad
  • After the witch hazel toner is absorbed into your face then you can apply an anti-aging serum that has uses of witch hazel (extracts)
  • When the serum is absorbed into the skin, apply the moisturizer
  • If you are heading out don’t forget to apply some sunscreen.

5. Heal bruises effectively:

This use is pretty ancient. Native Americans made extensive use of witch hazel before Europeans settled in the “new land”. The native Americans would apply witch hazel toner to bruises and inflamed parts of the skin. It’s because that would assist in the healing process and speed it up.

Even though it’s invisible to the naked eye, bruises consist of broken skin and swelling that is brought down with the help of witch hazel toner recipe. Witch hazel constricts the blood vessels and helps reduce the swelling, the broken skin gets tighter to heal faster.

How to use witch hazel on bruises?

Pour some of the witch hazel acne astringent on a cotton pad and dab it on the bruise a few times in a day. Massage the area a little bit to help with blood circulation. And you will begin to see the bruise fading away in just a few days. Apply the witch hazel on bruises as soon as you encounter it. The sooner you apply witch hazel for acne, the sooner it can begin healing.

6. Treating sunburns:

There is nothing worse than getting sunburnt, to see your beautiful tanned skin turn red and angry. If you get toasted from the sun, then use witch hazel extract gel to treat sunburns. It relieves the pain and soothes your skin. By using witch hazel extract gel you can speed up the healing process and also reduce skin peeling and flaking.

A favorite remedy to treat sunburnt skin is by mixing witch hazel with aloe vera gel, aloe is another skin cooling ingredient that goes a long way; like witch hazel, and it’s also a plant extract that helps with any skin related issues.

You can mix some witch hazel, aloe gel, peppermint essential oil (three drops should do), and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Do not spray this anywhere near the eyes.

7. Soothe and help with skin lesions:

Psoriasis can be very nasty for people who suffer from it, it causes lesions, flaky and dry skin on different parts of the body. In Germany witch hazel is a common ingredient in the treatment of psoriasis, to help inflammation and redness. You can combine witch hazel with some glycerin and aloe gel to create a soothing mixture. The mixture, when applied on the lesions, will reduce any sort of irritation or redness. This mixture can provide a soothing relief from psoriasis.

Conclusion on how to use witch hazel on face

There are many brands out there that provide benefits of witch hazel. But, it doesn’t mean witch hazel products are easily available. Whatever you tend to buy, make sure that you read the label carefully and follow the instructions properly.  Hopefully, the article on how to use witch hazel on face and other body parts along with uses of witch hazel was useful and will help you out in the future with any skin related issues. Please don’t substitute this article with that of a doctor’s consultation. If your condition is really bad, seek medical advice immediately.