Witch Hazel Broken Capillaries – Safe and Effective?

Witch Hazel broken capillaries
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Witch Hazel broken capillaries have caused many women, all around the world, to check out this home-remedy and test it to determine its efficiency and safety. Broken capillaries or “spider veins” are tiny veins that appear on your face, legs, and chest. In medical terms, this is called “telangiectasias”. These broken capillaries look spidery; they are red blemishes that aren’t harmful, but they’re not a pretty sight. Most women surf how to use witch hazel on face to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons; spider veins are little blood vessels that are visible on the surface of your skin and most of these are capillaries that connect the arteries and veins. In this article, we will take you through everything on witch hazel and spider veins which you should know to keep your skin safe.

Common Cause of Broken Capillaries

Broken blood vessels can be because of a number of causes, the most common cause is the damage to the skin due to irritation, inflammation, and also frequent exposure to the sun. Most sources are preventable, yet there are others that are beyond our control. Before getting into the witch hazel broken capillaries benefits, let us first take a look at the main reasons behind spider veins.

Witch Hazel broken capillaries
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It’s in your Genes!

According to a plastic surgeon from Florida, the number one factor that causes these dilated capillaries is genetics. Usually, the problem starts if the parents or other immediate relatives of the patient has a history of varicose veins. This is also considered as a predisposition and it will then be combined with other factors, thus making the condition worse. 

Going Through Pregnancy.

During pregnancy, women have a high amount of blood in their bodies because of estrogen and progesterone. This will result in enlargement of capillaries which will then lead to the development of the broken vessels; this normally appears on the abdomen while the woman is pregnant.

Leg Injuries.

For individuals who have suffered an elevated or a reduced blood flow because of a leg injury, spider veins are a common phenomenon. Those who also stand for a long time, then sit or lie down right away, are highly susceptible to develop broken capillaries.

Hormone Levels Fluctuate.

The hormone levels will fluctuate for pregnant women and those who are experiencing menopause. This can also happen to children who are going through puberty; Individuals will likely develop spider veins because their bodies will be adjusting to changes that are caused by fluctuating hormone levels.

Liver Damage.

The liver’s primary task is to break down estrogen and progesterone, and when this fails, the levels of these hormones will increase drastically. Due to this, the capillaries won’t be able to tolerate the changes and will cause them to dilate, making it visible within the surface of the skin.

Skin Damage.

The skin on our face has a great chance of experiencing damage, compared to the other parts of our body; this is why we find more broken capillaries in the facial area. Spider veins form when the skin is damaged by extreme weather temperatures, a sudden change in the temperature, and also spectacles that can apply pressure on certain regions of the face.

Inflammation Triggers

People who have inflammation triggers will develop redness on their face; it can be caused by hot weather, scorching showers, consuming spicy food, drinking hot beverages like coffee/tea, and alcoholic drinks- these are reasons behind broken capillaries.

Certain Medical Conditions

Rosacea is a common skin condition that is associated with facial redness or flushing. This redness will slowly spread towards your nose and cheeks, up to your forehead, then down to your chin. Some parts of the body may develop this redness such as the ears, chest, and back. This skin condition can lead to the development of new red vessels and even pimples.

How Effective Are Witch Hazel Broken Capillaries?

Witch hazel broken capillaries benefits are being shared all over the world. This is why more women are searching for answers about the efficacy of this natural remedy for spider veins. But how effective is this treatment? Let’s find out!

What is Witch Hazel?

Witch hazel or also popular as “Hamamelis”, “Winter Bloom” or “Spotted Adler” is a shrub that is commonly found in Canada and other Eastern Regions of the United States. This is a perennial shrub that can grow, as tall as, 15 feet and has yellow flowers which will form brown fruit capsules during autumn. The leaves of this shrub, as well as its gray-brown bark, are harvested, then dried during the autumn months; they will be used as an extract for different medicinal purposes.

The Primary Benefits of Witch Hazel

The active ingredients of witch hazel are tannins and volatile oils. These work as vasoconstrictors which are perfect for spider veins below the skin. The University of Michigan Health System conducted pharmacological studies and show that witch hazel broken capillaries benefit claims are true because of its ability to strengthen veins and act as an anti-inflammatory.

The tannins also have an astringent action that helps tighten the distended veins and repair them to their normal structure. Witch hazel is effective as an antioxidant, an antiseptic, and can also treat varicose veins. Its primary constituents are able to shrink the tissues and act as a mild sedative to help relieve pain and discomfort.

The Availability of Witch Hazel for Spider Veins

Witch Hazel is very popular all over the world, making it easier to find products made of this shrub. The extract is now available in creams, teas, and also tinctures. According to research done by the University of Maryland, this natural remedy is more effective when you apply a cold compress, with a mixture of Witch Hazel and Yarrow Tea, to the affected areas for temporary pain relief and to reduce the burning sensation. You can also soak a washcloth with distilled Witch Hazel and Yarrow Tea and apply it twice a day to make witch hazel broken capillaries home treatment more effective.

Points to consider:

Although we have already learned a lot about the compatibility of witch hazel broken capillaries, there are certain things that you need to know while using this product. Any other form of witch hazel can cause an upset stomach, nausea, constipation, and liver damage. If possible, never use commercially produced witch hazel, if you do, use it in moderation.

How to reduce/prevent spider veins?

Contrary to popular belief, spider veins can be avoided. There are very simple techniques on how to avoid and prevent broken capillaries from getting worse. Here are some tricks you can try on a daily basis:

  • Avoid Washing Your Face Harshly:

Remember that the skin on our face is thinner compared to the other parts of our body. Instead of using hot water, try cool water when cleansing your face.

  • Steer Clear from Harsh Chemicals:

Stay away from products that have too many chemicals; since they will not only cause broken capillaries, but also other unwanted skin problems. You can use mild cleansers and find a toner with witch hazel or aloe vera extract.

  • Always Use A Sunscreen:

When you need to step out and be under the harsh rays of the sun for a long time, use sunscreen. Always avoid getting sunburnt, this is one of the main triggers of broken capillaries, especially during summer.

  • Minimize Your Vices:

If you have problems with visible broken capillaries, it’s time to stay away from excessive alcohol to avoid an increase in blood pressure; which can cause the capillaries to break and dilate and be more visible. Also, remember that smoking can cause the capillaries on your face to break too.

  • Take Care of Your Skin:

When you have acne breakouts, always take good care of your skin. Too much acne can be a huge contributor towards broken capillaries.

  • Watch What You Eat:

As mentioned above, spicy/hot food and beverages can cause broken capillaries. It’s also important to avoid caffeinated beverages or keep the intake minimal.

  • Maintain Healthy Weight:

Watching your weight is very important if you want to maintain skin that is free from broken capillaries. Regular exercise can free your body from harmful toxins which will lessen the appearance of spider veins.


Witch hazel broken capillaries relationship will continue to flourish due to the growth in demand for this natural ingredient. Always remember that as long as you use Witch Hazel in moderation, you will definitely enjoy the benefits that are mentioned above. Be free from spider veins by using this popular natural home remedy.