Witch Hazel for Spider Veins on Face: Unknown Tips to Remove Spider Veins Quickly

witch hazel for spider veins on face
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We presume. you already know what’s witch hazel for spider veins on face, if you have faced spider veins earlier. However, if you are a newbie to it, here is a brief note about it. A ‘spider vein’ is a term for a condition wherein the veins get spread in the form of a spider web. This is seen mostly across the legs and knees. The reason why they are called spider veins is that the pattern that gets formed is like a spider’s web. This happens mostly when people start aging.

Normally, spider veins on face are caused when there is too much blood pressure. However, for many others, the cause of spider veins is not clearly known. Certain times, spider veins can also show up on the face. While it would definitely look unsightly, a bigger concern is that it causes a burning sensation. It can sometimes also be painful. This is why; treating it and making the blood flow normally is quite important, which is why we talk about witch hazel for spider veins on face.

witch hazel for spider veins on face
PC: www.medicalnewstoday.com

While many doctors have been working on how to get rid of spider veins on face, a number of herbalists also have been figuring out ways to treat spider face condition. With rigorous studies and research work, it was found out that witch hazel for spider veins on face is one of the best herbal remedies. Witch hazel has home remedies for varicose veins on face that are loaded with a number of medicinal properties, besides treating spider face veins. Along with how amazing it works for spider veins, we will also take a look at how to use witch hazel for varicose veins and treat a number of other conditions.

What is Witch Hazel?

Witch hazel might sound pretty much like a mystic substance that a witch would need for making an evil broth. But, the name has nothing to do with witch, spells, or evilness. In fact, witch hazel is a shrub with ornamental flowers that you would find in America and certain parts of Asia. These flowers are yellow in color and bloom during the fall. The flowers, leaves, and bark- all are used in various ways for medicinal purposes. It was first identified and used in America, where it got popular as an astringent. Soon after its popularity, it spread to different parts of Europe. Gradually, its medicinal properties made it a widespread astringent and now you’d see it in many places across the globe.

What Makes Witch Hazel Amazing?

Witch hazel has a number of ingredients that make it of a great medicinal value. In fact, witch hazel is known as one of the best natural astringents out of so many natural astringents that are available. The tannins are stored in the bark of the witch hazel trees. Tannins are compounds that have a bitter taste and have a natural property of making things dry. They are also present in abundance in grapefruits, which is red wine has the dryness to it. Besides the dry and bitter taste, tannins are also known for their antioxidant properties.

Tannins help a lot in dealing with irritation of the skin, which is why it is suggested to use witch hazel for spider veins on face. They are very soothing to the skin, being natural astringent. Also, since they have antioxidants in them, they help in getting rid of toxic free radicals which bring a lot of lethargy in the cells. The drying property of tannins, and ultimately witch hazel make them a great remedy for oily skin. Witch hazel helps in dealing with all of that excessive oil on your skin and makes it more balanced.

A different form of tannins, for instance, the tannins found in green tea can help in preventing problems, like diarrhea, cavities, and even heart diseases and forms of cancer. Tannins also have anti-inflammatory properties because of which witch hazel is also used for various conditions with the symptom of inflammation. This is also why witch hazel is a good remedy for acne. PS: You may also use apple cider vinegar for spider veins apart from natural home remedies for spider veins.

Witch Hazel for Spider Veins on face

All the properties that witch hazel has, prove really useful in treating spider veins and varicose veins. The tannins in witch hazel help in constricting the spider veins on face. Besides this property of tannins, the astringent properties of witch hazel produced by tannins help in the tightening of the affected veins under the skin. As this happens, they would gradually take up their normal, healthy shape.

The anti-inflammatory property of witch hazel helps in bringing down the swelling of the tissues, shrinking them, and helps in pacifying the pain caused by the inflammation in the veins. Overall, the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties of witch hazel for spider veins on face are really useful.

Witch hazel is available in various forms for helping you treat spider veins. A number of ointment brands have witch hazel as an active ingredient in their creams or even make witch hazel cream. Besides that, you would also find witch hazel in the form of tea and tinctures. You can soak a piece of cloth in witch hazel solution and apply it to the spider veins a couple of times at least in a day. As you do this, you would slowly be able to reduce the severity of the spider veins. This also helps in relieving the burning sensation and pain resulting from spider vein quite instantly.


Witch hazel is definitely packed with many amazing properties. However, it is an application based substance (unless otherwise) which should not be consumed. When witch hazel comes in contact with the internal organs, there are a number of health issues that you would face. When you are under some medication that contains alkaloids, witch hazel can inhibit the absorption of the medication that you are on.

Witch hazel and spider veins

Consumption of witch hazel can cause a feeling of nausea, constipation, upset stomach, vomiting, and a number of other problems. These are mild side effects and are nothing to worry about too much. On a more serious note, if you experience yellow urine and severe and unbearable stomach ache, you should report to a doctor. These symptoms might be an indication of a more serious problem, like liver damage.

This is why you should clearly remember that application based witch hazel is meant to be applied to the skin and should not be ingested. When you are using commercially manufactured witch hazel, restrict using it when needed or for treating certain conditions, like spider veins. Avoid using it for a prolonged time. Make sure that you buy witch hazel only from trusted brands- the ones that are approved by the FDA. Also, for a condition like spider veins, it is suggestible to talk to a doctor before solely depending on witch hazel to treat the condition.

Other Uses of Witch Hazel

Besides using witch hazel for spider veins on face, there are a number of conditions for which witch hazel would come to your rescue. Here’s a list of some of such conditions.


A hemorrhoid is yet another condition which is cured using witch hazel besides spider veins on face. In order to use witch hazel for relieving pain from hemorrhoids, apply the decoction of witch hazel to the tissues where you experience a feeling of pain. Since witch hazel has astringent properties, it eases the pain. The anti-inflammatory properties ease the tissues by bringing down the swelling and providing great relief. Make sure you use a diluted decoction and consider speaking with your physician in case you are taking medication for clotting of blood.


While witch hazel is used for many health relate conditions, its use as a skincare product is the most popular one. All over the world, women know how good witch hazel is for the skin. Witch hazel, being this amazing astringent, helps in dealing with excessive oil production on the face. Also, since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in getting rid of acne by reducing the swelling of the acne and dealing with the redness caused by it. It can also help in getting rid of scabs. Besides for oily skin, witch hazel also works well for dry skin. Since witch hazel does not completely get rid of all the oils on the face and only balances the amount of oil produced, you can use it if you have a very dry skin.

Menstrual Regulation

Witch hazel can be really helpful in dealing with the symptoms and complications associated with menstruation. If you are one of the women who suffer from severe stomach ache, cramps, and heavy bleeding during menses, witch hazel can be used to pacify the symptoms. Witch hazel helps by reducing the inflammation in the uterine walls that cause pain and cramps. This also controls and reduces the bleeding. However, it would be a good idea to first talk to your gynecologist about using witch hazel to treat menstruation-related issues.


Eczema is yet another skin-related condition that causes dryness, redness, and itching of the skin. Witch hazel can help in bringing down irritation and burning sensation resulting from eczema. The anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel can help in preventing the condition from getting worse. Since witch hazel has anti-bacterial properties as well, it can also help in preventing the building up of bacteria and the worsening of the condition for you.

Cold Sores

Cold sores are called fever blisters. One of a number of home remedies that are used for treating cold sores is witch hazel. Witch hazel cold sores: yes you read it right!. It is a good idea to apply witch hazel to the area that indicates an initiation of a cold sore. As soon as you start applying witch hazel, the process of the cold sore developing into a worse stage is prevented. As a result, it also helps in a quickening the healing process. Normally, a cold sore that is treated with witch hazel would take an average of a couple of days to heal.

Treats pains

When you are suffering from acute pain from exercising or if you suffer from arthritis-related pain, you can use witch hazel creams and ointments to apply topically. Witch hazel can help in bringing down joint aches by reducing inflammation. The best way to use witch hazel for dealing with pains and aches is to mix it with an equal amount of virgin olive oil and apply it wherever you feel pain.

Helps treat bruises

If you have a bruise anywhere on the body, you can consider using witch hazel to treat and heal the bruise faster. In fact, people have been using witch hazel traditionally, dating back to the 17th century. It helps by tightening the skin and quickening the process of healing with its astringent properties. While it is a good idea to heal bruises with witch hazel, don’t use witch hazel for open cuts or where the flesh is exposed. Witch hazel might potentially cause an inflammation when you apply it on an open cut.

Helps in digestion

Typically, witch hazel is used as a topical ointment or extract. But this is one of the issues where you can have witch hazel tonic. However, use it in minimal amounts to regulate your digestion. When you mix very little amounts of witch hazel with mint or chamomile, the mixture can aid in a better digestion. Traditionally, many people have been using this mixture for problems, like diarrhea and other symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome. Certain times, bacteria cause inflammation in the intestines. Witch hazel can help in bringing down the inflammation and makes your digestion better.

Helps to deal with headaches

A lot of people use witch hazel ointment or extract to apply to their time when they have a headache. Witch hazel has astringent properties. So, it helps to release any pressure built up in the capillaries of your temple. This helps in providing relief from headaches. Tea that contains a fraction of witch hazel extract also helps in lowering blood pressure. This, as a result, provides relief from a headache resulting from that. However, this is a more unconventional use of witch hazel, unlike witch hazel for spider veins on face.

Conclusion on witch hazel for spider veins on face

These are the uses of witch hazel for spider veins on face and other health conditions that might put you into discomfort. When you plan to use witch hazel for spider veins on face or any of the above-mentioned reasons, do make it a point to talk about it with your physician so that you know you are using it rightly.